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Having a party? Need a T-Rex? We've got just what you need, a Par-T-Rex! Stan, the Par-T-Rex is ready to come stomping  into your party. He's over 7 feet tall and 13 feet long. Stan is a walking, roaring, breathing, interacting marvel straight from the Jurassic Age.

Our T-Rex can be as gentle as you need to intrigue and delight 3 year olds at a Three-Rex party. Or, he can be scary for older kids looking for a thrill with their dinosaur experience. Stan has a few tricks up his tiny sleeves with games and activities including Tail Hoop, Hide The Food, Dino Limbo, and the always popular T-Rex Conga! And even though Stan is a fully walking around dinosaur, you never need to worry about safety because he is always accompanied by a trained dinosaur handler!


Birthday Party!

Stan loves to help celebrate birthdays! A 45 minute birthday visit includes skits, games, dancing, and plenty of photo opportunities. And each birthday kid gets to be an honorary dinosaur handler as well! One tee-shirt and one plushy dinosaur tail are included with each birthday party!


Quick Visit

If a full visit seems a bit too much, not to worry! Stan can pop in for a quick visit to scare up a little fun and take pictures with the partiers. He's never camera shy!

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Public Appearance

Stan has been to many a library to interact with kids and brings a dinosaur book for his handler to read.
At fairs and events, he can make appearances on the hour for 10 minutes at a time to delight the crowds and stomp about! Squeals of joy and shrieks of fear abound!

Our Par-T-Rex table has plenty of coloring sheets to occupy busy little hands!



Extra Shirts for Extroar People!

$25 gets you a pick of colors and sizes. Two style for even moar fun!!

Buy Moar Tails!

Tails come in 3 colors and are only $15 each.

Coloring for the little ones!

Two styles of coloring pages for every event at no extra charge.

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Get in Touch

Within 10 miles of Stan's paddock there is no extra charge! Beyond 10 miles a travel fee with be added.

Thanks for submitting!

Give us a shout,

we'll give you a roar!


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